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Colin Wilcock is a local resident to the Southport area and has worked in retail in the area for over 15 years. Christopher Millward is a resident of Ormskirk and has worked in retail for over 25 years - mainly in the Southport Area Both Colin and Christopher worked in a book shop in the heart of of Southport's Lord street until February 2012 when it was suddenly closed and they, along with their colleagues, were made redundant. The book shop in the last few years of trading stocked Jigsaw Puzzles. After a few weeks of investigating job opportunities Colin decided to look into the possibility of becoming self-employed and setting up a business retailing in Jigsaw Puzzles, Games and Pocket Money Toys. He was made aware that the Indoor Market in Southport was being Refurbished and decided to look further into this and arranged several meetings with the newly appointed Market Management Company. At a lunch a week or so later of the ex employees of the book shop, Colin was explaining to Chris and others about his idea and went to show them the possible location of his new stall and all seemed impressed. A few days after this, Colin received a phone call from Chris explaining to him he was so impressed with his ideas he wondered if there was potential for a partnership, Colin agreed to this without hesitation. After a few meetings together with the new Market Management we agreed to a stall and all the legal necessities and paperwork to be drawn up. Whilst waiting for this legal and paperwork to be done, Colin and Chris met and talked quite a lot about stock and names, however it was Colin's Sister in Law, Anna, who came up with "Mind Games" and we added the "Southport" to make it more of a local feel. On July 2nd, 2012, Mind Games Southport officially opened in Unit 34 of Southport Market After 3 successful years in the Indoor Market Colin and Chris were faced with a dilemma as their lease was ending and the Market Management had decided they no longer wished to have a stall selling Jigsaw Puzzles in the indoor market. After much disgust from local people, fellow traders and ourselves, plus headline news in the local newspaper, the Market Management stood by their decision and Colin and Chris knew they had to continue after all the wonderful support they had received. After searching many empty shops, Colin and Chris both agreed the best option was the shop located at Number 2 Hill Street, in between the Southport Hearing Centre and Spencer's Hair dressers and Opposite Sainsbury's car park. In Mid June 2015, The Mind Games Southport Shop was opened and a small information only website was set up

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