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Pre-Owned Jigsaw Puzzles

Welcome to the Pre-Owned Jigsaw Puzzle Section of Mind Games Southport

Here at Mind Games Southport we run a Unique to the area Pre-Owned Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange Scheme.

Basically our Customers bring in their completed Jigsaw Puzzles and get credit for them knocked off whatever they spend that day in our shop in Southport Town Centre.

Obviously we cannot 100% Gaurantee all the pieces are in these puzzles but they are brought into us by other Jigsaw Puzzlers who love doing Jigaw Puzzles and know how nnoying it is when you complete a Jigsaw Puzzle and a piece is missing.

So whilst it is a risk, this risk is very slim and at these prices it has proved to be a very very popular scheme in the 5+ years we have been doing it.

If you have any questions about this scheme feel free to contact us by Phone, Email or via our Social Media Platforms.